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coach kennedy bremerton hs prayer

Washington Coach Praying for Keeps

, Tony Perkins

Students aren’t the only ones who get suspended from Washington’s Bremerton High School. Based on yesterday’s decision, so do coaches. That’s the latest in the outrageous case of Joe Kennedy, the devout Christian at the…

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rolling stone uva cover

Universities Searching for Hoaxes

, Spencer Irvine

Universities have come a long way from the days of yore when they proclaimed that part of their mission was the search of truth. At the Heritage Foundation recently, Brooklyn College history professor KC Johnson…

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columbia university logo

Where Microaggressions Come From

, Malcolm A. Kline

If, like some of us of a certain age, you wondered where the exotic term “microaggressions” comes from, the answer is that, like many maladies that bedevil us, it started in the 1970s, and in…

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Pope Francis from behind

Cancer in the Curia

, Christopher Manion

The original piece was published by FGF Books on their website. FRONT ROYAL, VA — So Pope Francis met with Kim Davis* and her husband — both cradle Catholics, by the way — and the…

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