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Coolidge Silent No More

, Malcolm A. Kline

Clearly we have to reach beyond academia if we want to reclaim our history. “Calvin Coolidge had four percent growth which candidates today only talk about as a goal,” Amity Shlaes, the former Wall Street…

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A Man Called Adam Smith

, Malcolm A. Kline

If the Left thinks of Adam Smith at all, it is probably as a profile on neckties worn by their bete noires on the right, but genuine liberals might find him a worthy subject of…

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The AAUP on the Title IX Commandments

, Spencer Irvine

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) recently published a draft of their report on the uneven enforcement of Title IX discrimination laws, as enforced by the Obama Department of Education and their Office of…

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Free Otto Warmbier!

, Cliff Kincaid

Editor’s Note: Below is a video of Otto’s press conference televised from North Korea. A student who studied economics at the prestigious University of Virginia has been sentenced to 15 years in the North Korean…

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Cornell Goes Back to Dismal Future

, James F. Davis

The 10th President of Cornell University, Hunter Rawlings, was recently named interim president of Cornell University due to the recent death of Cornell president, Elizabeth Garrett. Rawlings had previously been politely canned by Cornell after…

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uc davis vandalism jewish frat house

Anti-Semitism on California Campuses

, Richard Cravatts

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Gatestone Institute website. The California university system seems to have the dubious distinction of being the epicenter of the campus war against Israel. The situation that has…

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Academic Problem with Polls

, Malcolm A. Kline

When academics point out the problems with polls, they might wind up trying to regulate them. “Because one of the things I want to say about public opinion polls is that they are the child…

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