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Target, Transgenderism, and Transformation

, Alex Nitzberg

Target Corp. (TGT) stock has plunged approximately 12% less than a month after the organization declared that its transgender customers and employees could utilize “…the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender…

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Mother Goose Gets Makeover @ Occidental

, Cliff Kincaid

Cultural Marxism is called “critical theory” in many universities today. At Occidental College in California, where a young Barack Obama went after being tutored in Marxism by communist Frank Marshall Davis, “Critical Theory and Social Justice” is now an interdisciplinary department, “drawing on ideas from across traditional academic disciplines.”

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Queering the University of Maryland

, Cliff Kincaid

But the state-funded University of Maryland had described its “Queer Beyond Repair” symposium as laying the groundwork for a total and complete revolution, away from “imperial rule and anti-blackness” to exploring “the psychic and material…

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From Basketball to the Science Fair

, Kallina Crompton

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and founder of FIRST Dean Kamen discussed the importance of implementing STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math education in America)to redirect kids’ passions from competing with basketballs to competing with robots….

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