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heritage foundation index of cultury and opportunity

Flatlining Education

, Gabrielle Okun

The constant debate of how to fix public education is far from over. However, The Heritage Foundation came across new research for an improved education policy. Jennifer A. Marshall, Vice President of the Institute for…

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Common Core Loses in Louisiana

, Tony Perkins

The Obama administration’s “Common Core” education curriculum is lowering the bar for American students and giving the federal government even greater authority in education than they have had in the past. Rather than strengthening American…

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aviva chomsky

Chomsky & Chomsky: Apple & Tree

, Malcolm A. Kline

The old adage that the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree seems to be playing out with a vengeance in the family of legendary left-wing academic Noam Chomsky. We’ve devoted considerable ink to…

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boehner obamacare

Dear House GOP: Don’t Sue Obama

, David Corbin and Matthew Parks

House Speaker John Boehner’s idea to sue the president gained steam last week as the House passed, largely along party lines, a resolution authorizing a suit charging the president with failing to uphold his constitutional…

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rick santorum

One Generation Away from Freedom

, Gabrielle Okun

The Heritage Foundation recently showed a documentary entitled “One Generation Away: the Erosion of Religious Liberty.” This bold documentary emphasized the importance of preserving our natural liberties, and expressed fear that they could easily be…

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hillary clinton book tour background

The Truth About Hillary

, Gabrielle Okun

Will Hillary Run? That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind.  She seems relentless and determined to win the presidency in 2016—especially after that 2008 loss.  Still, she will be 68 years old with…

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