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Baltimore Community College Bias

, Sarah Matthews

I have gone to The Community College of Baltimore County in Maryland for a few years now. During this time I have taken many different types of classes to fulfill requirements, most of them in which I came up against leftist propaganda.

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From the Catalogue

, Malcolm A. Kline

As an ongoing service to our readers who have not encountered them yet, we provide profiles of college professors whom students may want to avoid.

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Collective Bargaining Conspiracy

, Larry Scholer

The pro-union Graduate Employees and Students Organization’s report, titled “The (Un)Changing Face of the Ivy League,” purports to expose discrimination in the hiring mechanisms of Ivy League schools.

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Show Us the Money

, Shannon Blosser

In North Carolina university, community college, and state budget office officials have spent part of the week lobbying state legislators for more funding for higher education, while arguing against proposed line-item budget cuts.

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Does Summers Deserve An Apology?

, Bob Parks

Harvard President Larry Summers got in hot water when he publicly stated that there were “innate” differences between all the sexes that keep some women from reaching higher levels in the sciences. But unless Summers was a blithering idiot, he wouldn’t have made such a statement guaranteed to rile rabid college women’s studies holdovers lest he have some info to back it up.

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