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The Conscience of a Campus Conservative

, John T. Plecnik

Campus conservatives come from every walk of life. The money-hungry, nerdy stereotype of Alex P. Keaton, depicted by actor Michael J. Fox on the popular 80s sitcom “Family Ties,” has never been less germane than it is today.

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Critical Thinking Meltdown

, Bob Parks

Colleges celebrate the notion that their campuses are a forum for the free expression of ideas. Now while that be a noble goal, from all appearances, that seems to be far from reality today.

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Diversity Deconstructed

, Malcolm A. Kline

Texas A & M is something of a novelty in academia. The university’s president, Robert M. Gates, is one of the rare retired cabinet officials from a Republican presidential administration to hold a decisive academic position.

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School Stops Presses

, Matthew Olav Messerschmidt and Tyler Whitney

A Michigan high school forbids conservative students from distributing a newspaper. Two of the students tell their story.

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Take that Spain!

, Don Irvine

Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College in southern California have decided to end their 14 year old study abroad program in Spain.

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The CTA Goes Radioactive

, Xiaochin Claire Yan

The 335,000-member California Teachers Association, the state’s most powerful union, is airing radio spots claiming that Governor Schwarzenegger wants to “stiff our kids for $2 billion every year!” Does he?

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Whose History?

, Larry Scholer

A recent lecture at Bowdoin College has roiled the Maine campus. On February 22 the Bowdoin College Republicans hosted Vernon Robinson, a North Carolina conservative activist and former candidate for the House of Representatives.

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