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Modern Caligula

, Michael P. Tremoglie

The liberal intelligentsia are doing more to bowdlerize Christianity than anything that was ever done by Caligula. They are just more refined about it.

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Introduction to Feminist Fiction

, Vani Murthy

Students signing up for an Introduction to Fiction course at Purdue University expecting to experience Hemingway might find themselves surprised to be watching a movie noted mostly for its nudity.

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Politically Incorrect Reading

, Brendan Conway

Decades of teaching in colleges and universities and exposure to alleged history textbooks such as the California-approved Rereading America led Dr. George Zilbergeld to compose his own textbook, audaciously entitled A Reader for the Politically Incorrect.

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Policing The Language

, Anna M. Frederick

In her book The Language Police, Diane Ravitch opens our eyes to the world behind school textbooks, a world ruled by censorship and dictated by the demands of interest groups.

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