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photo credit: Spencer Irvine

Federalizing the MLA

, Malcolm A. Kline

Colleges and universities are forever feeling shortchanged by taxpayers. They needn’t worry. For one thing, they are far richer than those of us who actually pay federal levies. For another, academia has succeeded in securing…

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Photo Credit: Michael Gaida (pixabay)

Anti-Catholic Bias at a Catholic College

, Malcolm A. Kline

With increasing frequency, it is getting harder and harder for conservative Catholics, no matter how well credentialed they are, to get hired in academia, particularly in Catholic universities. When he was still teaching at SUNY,…

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image captured from Breitbart News video

DePaul Bans Campus Speaker

, John K. Wilson

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published on the Academe Blog. DePaul University has banned conservative pundit Ben Shapiro from speaking on campus to the Young Americans for Freedom student group. Bob Janis, Vice President…

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image screenshot of Black Lives Matter protest at DNC convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from USA Today article

Black Lives Matter & BDS: Separated at birth?

, Alex Nitzberg

The Movement for Black Lives (a conglomeration comprised of Black Lives Matter and many other groups) recently garnered media attention for releasing an incendiary manifesto. This manifesto includes references to Israel as an “apartheid state”…

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Photo credit: Chris Tremoglie

Democratic National Convention Post-Mortem

, Chris Tremoglie

Any political convention will bring protesters. However, those at the Democratic National Convention might very well take the prize for head-scratching, eye-popping and, most notably, nose-pinching moments. The convention brought some baffling, disturbing sights and…

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