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image screenshot from DNC's livestream of 2016 DNC convention of 'Mothers of the Movement'

The DNC: 5 things to know

, Amanda Florian

What happened Tuesday? Hillary Clinton gained 2,842 delegates Tuesday evening and was officially nominated by the Democratic party. Clinton made history, seeing as she is the first woman to gain that spot. The day’s events…

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image screenshot of GIF from Mashable GIF Twitter page

Still feeling the Bern at the DNC

, Emily Hughes

Although the liberal media is fawning over the Democratic National Convention, it’s hard to ignore the issues surrounding the event. Bernie Sanders supporters turned out in full force at the Democratic National Convention, causing havoc…

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Trump-Sanders Coalition Deconstructed

, Cliff Kincaid

You know the terms “left” and “right” are losing meaning when left-wing websites are praising the Republican presidential candidate and attacking the Democrat, and Russia seems to be intervening in favor of the GOP. The…

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photo credit: Carrie Lightfoot

Highly Trained, Well Informed

, Emily Hughes

Carrie Lightfoot entered into the firearm industry later in life and distinctly remembers the first time she went shooting. Although slightly scared at first, she quickly fell in love and began seeking information geared towards…

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