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michigan outline

Teacher’s Union Misses Millions

, Malcolm A. Kline

Apparently, some teacher’s union officials have taken too much public school math. “On a Saturday in May, members of the Michigan Education Association held a walk in Midland bringing attention to public school funding,” the…

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charter school poster

The Feds’ Charter School Supervision

, Spencer Irvine

Charter schools are gaining momentum, and a recently-passed bill in the House of Representatives will help make it easier to start and maintain charter schools. The Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act, an…

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mary fallin common core

Common Core Defeats Pile Up

, Spencer Irvine

Common Core, as it is known to the American public, has seen significant setbacks in recent months as parents and teachers have staged an open revolt against the government-mandated education standards. Its official name, the…

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rick perry

Rick Perry on Border Security

, Jace Gregory

Lax border control on the southern border opens the door to almost anyone who wants to enter the U.S. illegally, and according to Governor Rick Perry, that includes terrorists. “Remember the ISIS version of ‘mission…

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nancy pelosi laughing

America’s Progressive and Liberal Overlords

, David Corbin and Matthew Parks

In what might have appeared to be a minor political event a few weeks back, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called congressman Tom Marino (R-PA) “insignificant” and “inconsequential” in a debate on the House floor. Why would the…

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