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image via screenshot at Allen West's personal website

Colonel Allen West Critiques President Obama

, Alex Nitzberg

The President’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and his public statements about nationally reported conflicts between individuals and the police contribute to racial tensions, retired Colonel Allen West told Accuracy in Media. Colonel…

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image via screenshot from YouTube video

Where do 2016 Candidates Stand on Guns?

, Emily Hughes

While the presidential nominees have been jostling for the public’s attention, some voters are looking towards the future and what it could bring regarding the 2nd Amendment. Currently, with Donald Trump as the presumed Republican…

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What Made America Great?

, Cliff Kincaid

It is sign of the times that when people are told that Harvard was founded by a Puritan minister and dedicated to Christ and His Church, most react by wondering if this can actually be true. The reaction is evidence that Cultural Marxism has almost succeeded in eradicating the facts about the Christian roots of American education.

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photo from AIA at CPAC 2016

A Dash of Independence

, Malcolm A. Kline

When we had the pleasure of co-hosting actress, and first time author Stacey Dash at our first author’s night this year, I noted that she frequently stressed her pride in being independent-minded in interviews. As…

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VCU Prof: Brazilian Evangelicals Rise Up

, Cliff Kincaid

The Post story, “In Brazil’s political crisis, a powerful new force: Evangelical Christians,” is an amazing account from a liberal perspective of how Christian conservatives are taking back their country. One leading critic of the…

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