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Biased Campuses & Free Pizza


Biased Campuses & Free Pizza


How biased are the campuses?


A debate between


John K. Wilson of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)




Mal Kline, Executive Director, Accuracy in Academia (AIA)




June 14, 2012

6-8 PM

The Van Andel Center

The Heritage Foundation

214 Massachusetts Ave., NE

Washington, D. C.

The event is free for all Capitol Hill and Washington, D. C. –area interns  but please R. S. V. P. or call (202)364-3085 so that we can get a head count for food..

This event is part of The Frank A. Fusco Conservative University Lecture Series this year, made possible by a generous grant from The Frank A. Fusco and Nelly Goletti Fusco Foundation.

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Message In A Bottle


“So the question is, Can the ideas stand on their own merit regardless of who said them? It could be Kaczynski, it could be Mother Teresa, it could be Mr. Anonymous—the ideas are what they are, and the arguments are what they are. So I think from a rational standpoint we should say we can treat the ideas in abstraction from the circumstances in which they appear.”—David F. Skrbina, a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Michigan

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Self-Selected Elites


“Unfortunately, the idea that a small, enlightened elite should guide the ignorant people to what is good for them, even at the cost of misleading them, has become more prevalent in America.”—Luigi Zingales, a professor of entrepreneurship and finance at the University of Chicago.

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