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Joining the Heritage Foundation’s Bloggers Briefing on Tuesday October 5, 2010, was the Danish statistician and director of the Copenhagen Consensus, Bjorn Lomborg, who directed Cool It, a film for skeptical environmentalists to be released on November 12 of this year.

Lomborg claims that the actions being taken to fight global warming are overly expensive, costing in the billions of dollars to fund, and will really only affect the global temperature slightly, and even still, not for hundreds of years. Instead, Lomborg defends the view that “smarter” and “cheaper” technology, ought to be developed prior to engaging in radical procedures.

Currently, the European Union (EU) is about to “waste” about 250 billion dollars “doing virtually no good,” Lomborg asserted. If the EU acts upon all promises made regarding the stop on global warming, it will incur an overall average cost of 250 billion dollars per year, beginning in the year 2020. Their goal is to achieve the net effect of reducing the global temperature by 1/10th of one degree Fahrenheit, by the end of the century.

Kristin Theresa Jaroma is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.

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