Little ACORN That Voted

, Kristin Theresa Jaroma, Leave a comment

The Heritage Foundation Bloggers Briefing on August 10, 2010 welcomed guest speaker David Keene, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, speaking on his organization’s recently launched project aimed at exposing ACORN spin-offs, and unmasking what they have done in the past.

Given the political situation the country is currently facing today, the American Conservative Union puts forth the questions of what are we [America] going to be facing this fall, and further, what role will ACORN play?

ACORN is a community organizing group which was found to have forged thousands of voter registration cards in dozens of states. Former employees of ACORN claimed that almost half of their company’s registrations were fraudulent, and their forged submissions in the previous Presidential election add up to nearly 600,000.

One of the issues this country faces each election term that is always common is “a fear of Democratic and Liberal voter fraud across the country.”

Keene pointed out, “One thing that has signaled each election is the relative failure of Republicans in particular to really do much about this.” And as a result, “each cycle we have individual races, we have states that may well have been decided by on the basis of votes from people who didn’t exist, or existed in a previous day.”

“Desperate men and women will do desperate things to maintain power when the public threatens to take that power away from them.”

This can be seen in what the Democratic members of Congress are doing on the legislative and regulatory fronts. Further, they make “attempts to demonize their opponents” to get any kind of upper hand that will “shift the playing field in their direction.”

These men and women of organizations such as ACORN use whatever means they possibly can to mobilize efforts for their politicians of choice in an undemocratic manner.

Keene asserted, “If they are not even going to do anything to get out the vote effort for their own people, they’re certainly not going to spend the resources or devote the resources necessary to be sure we have clean elections this fall.”

This reality is combined with the fact that the Justice Department is in the hands of people who are more motivated to win these elections than “safeguarding the democratic process.”

“What is going to have to happen is that citizens are going to have to take the bit in their own hands. They are going to have to report and bring attention to instances [of] voter fraud and in which illegal activities are taking place, and we can all do that.”

The goal is “fair and clean” elections, and the only people who can guarantee the integrity of the process in the election cycle is the American people themselves.

Kristin Theresa Jaroma is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.