Young Americans Lose Health Care

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WASHINGTON, DC— Millions of Americans have received notifications from their insurance providers that their policies are being cancelled or altered due to the Affordable Care Act over the past four weeks.

Reports on the number of cancellations nationwide vary and are still rolling in. Some project as many as 20 million will lose their current coverage under Obamacare.

Young Americans for Liberty decided to look within its network of activists and supporters to see if they had been impacted. Sure enough, many had.

YAL is currently collecting and posting images of insurance cancellation and alteration notices from within its network that can be viewed here.

“Earlier this year our insurance rates rose,” one YAL supporter explained. “Now it’s going from $383 per month to $529 per month and we lose dental coverage,” they added.

“My policy, which I was happy with, is being discontinued in 2014,” Douglas, a YAL supporter, wrote. “The equivalent policy, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, will cost $562.32 per month. The policy I have now costs $263.44,” he added.

“President Obama mislead millions of Americans in an attempt to shove unwanted Obamacare down our throats,” Farah added. “He took away our ability to choose what is best for us.”

Click here to view notices and read the stories of those who had their policies changed under Obamacare.

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