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America The Regional

, Peter Seabrook

The problem with President Bush’s policy on immigration is that it benefits immigrants who see America not as a melting pot but as a crock of gold, according to a Republican U. S. congressman.

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An African Study

, Malcolm A. Kline

Although rarely mentioned in any college courses on Africa, the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole is literally the father of African Nationalism, the title of a book that he wrote in 1959.

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Academically Challenged

, Christina Haines

Disturbed by the repression of politically incorrect speech on campuses within his state, a North Carolina congressman discusses the need for an Academic Bill of Rights.

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Fired For Diversity’s Sake

, Michele Nagar

Ron Johnson of Kansas State University walks through a revolving door into and out of his job as advisor to the school paper, alternately being fired and rehired and fired again by the school, all in the name of diversity.

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