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VCU Prof: Brazilian Evangelicals Rise Up

, Cliff Kincaid

The Post story, “In Brazil’s political crisis, a powerful new force: Evangelical Christians,” is an amazing account from a liberal perspective of how Christian conservatives are taking back their country. One leading critic of the…

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Yale Study Shows Danger of Marijuana

, Cliff Kincaid

Donald J. Trump says vets are treated worse than illegal immigrants. But help is on the way. The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to make it easier for veterans to get access to officially-approved…

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Black Lives Matter’s LGBTQ Agenda

, Alex Nitzberg

While the media cover Black Lives Matter’s complaints of racism and police brutality, they largely underreport the movement’s campaign to normalize all permutations of sexual proclivity. The “Guiding Principles” on clearly delineate the group’s…

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image via screenshot of VT faculty list

Dark Money in Science

, Kallina Crompton

Just a few months ago, mothers in Flint, Michigan prohibited their kids from taking baths after actor Mark Ruffalo claimed the city’s water contained dangerous levels of chloroform. Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards, who initially…

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Who is Paying for Diversity?

, Malcolm A. Kline

While The Donald hits the hustings talking, yea, bellowing, about the jobs America has lost, academia has actually added to its payrolls, but kept mum about who is picking up the tab. “The number of…

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A Crisis of Political Vision for Millennials

, Kallina Crompton

Most college graduate millennials will change jobs four times before they reach the age of 32. U.S. Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), overt leader of the #nevertrump movement, addressed this unprecedented issue to demonstrate the great problem that both political parties face — a lack of vision for the millennials.

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CPAC Nixed Facebook Meeting

, Deborah Lambert

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp turned down the chance to visit Facebook last month, telling Greta von Susteren at “On the Record” that he thought the conservative confab over political bias allegations was merely a political PR stunt after they got caught.

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Campus Report June 2016

Grads Move Tassel Left

, Accuracy in Academia

Find out which big names gave college graduates one more left-wing homily before they got their degrees in the latest issue of Accuracy in Academia’s monthly Campus Report newsletter.

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