A Textbook for Snowflakes

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Just when you thought university texts couldn’t get much worse. “Simmons College published an anti-oppression guide in March to help students and community members combat their racism, sexism, islamophobia, and now other colleges and universities are adopting the guide,” Grace Carr reports in The Daily Caller. “Beloit College and Lesley University have adopted the ‘Anti-Oppression Guide,’ which is ‘intended to provide some general information about anti-oppression, diversity, and inclusion,’ the guide’s introduction reads.”

“The guide examines a number of topics containing elements that fall under the umbrella of oppression, which it identifies as the combination of power and prejudice. The resource points to anti-transgender sentiment, or ‘Transmisia,’ as one hierarchy of oppression and defines it a ‘systemized discrimination or antagonism directed against transgender/nonbinary/genderqueer/agender persons.'”

“‘Transmisia and cissexism are rooted in a desire to maintain the gender binary,’ the guide also posits, providing a link to ‘4 ‘Compliments’ Cis People Give Trans Folks That Are Actually Hella Cissexist.’”