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One wonders if Superman will ever get remade with the tagline, “For truth, justice and the American way.” “At the Fifth Annual Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice, race, class, white privilege, oppression, alternative lifestyles, identity – all the liberal buzzwords – were represented, and methods to encourage, train and promote students to become activists were out in full force,” The Education Reporter recounted in the November 2012 edition. “The conference took place on October 20, 2012, at Madison High School in Portland, Oregon.”

“It was organized by Seattle and Portland area ‘Rethinking Schools’ groups; Social Equality Educators (SEE), an association of National Education Association union members; and Rethinking Schools, an ‘activist’ publisher.” The Education Reporter is published by Eagle Forum.

Conference coordinators even figured out a way to update F. Scott Fitzgerald. “One workshop addressed English literature, ‘focusing on the application of various critical theories (postcolonial, feminist, Marxist, and gay/lesbian) to The Great Gatsby,’” according to The ER. “The course description adds that those ‘theories can be applied to any text and provide students more ways to connect with literature, read more deeply, and develop intellectual and political autonomy.’”


Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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