Alternative Bucknell Publication Vandalized

, Sarah Schubert, Leave a comment

Lewisburg, Penn.–Over half of the press run of the most recent issue of The Counterweight, the magazine of the Bucknell University Conservatives Club, was vandalized last week.

The first issue of this semester was printed and distributed on Monday, February 18. Within 24 hours, over 1,000 copies were stolen from locations across the Bucknell campus.

A large proportion of the remaining press run was distributed again on the morning of Tuesday, February 19. In approximately one hour, all of the issues were again taken. Soon after, a report was filed with Bucknell’s Office of Public Safety.

The issue was assumedly stolen because it featured several controversial articles criticizing the University’s sponsorship of Focus the Nation, a national teach-in about global climate change. This event was the latest example of University-supported indoctrination and deliberate political activism.

Sarah Schubert is the editor-in-chief of The Counterweight.