Anita Hill Accuracy Check

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Lynchburg, VA- In an October 2 Op-Ed in The New York Times, Anita Hill made incorrect statements regarding the Liberty University School of Law.

Ms. Hill stated that she wrote the Op-Ed to prevent U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas from “reinventing” her in his new book, “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir.” However, Ms. Hill’s Op-Ed contained erroneous information, specifically that she was once considered for employment at the Liberty University School of Law, following the closure of the Oral Roberts University (ORU) School of Law.

In her Op-Ed, titled “The Smear This Time,” Ms. Hill wrote that the ORU School of Law was sold to Liberty University. This is untrue. It was sold to Regent University.

Liberty University School of Law was opened in August 2004, with no aid from Oral Roberts University. Further, Ms. Hill wrote in the Op-Ed, “I was asked to consider a position there (at Liberty), but I decided to remain near my family in Oklahoma.” This is also false. The Liberty University School of Law has never received an application for employment from Ms. Hill, nor has the school ever had cause for considering her hiring.

“Ms. Hill’s Op-Ed was apparently written in order to deflect attention from the highly anticipated release of Justice Thomas’s new book,” said Liberty School of Law Dean and Professor of Law Matthew D. Staver. “Ms. Hill’s memory is faulty, as she incorrectly claimed that Liberty once considered her hiring and that the school was started through the help of ORU.”

Dean Staver added, “Neither Liberty University nor the Liberty University School of Law has ever asked Anita Hill to ‘consider a position’ at the university, as she claims in her Op-Ed.”

Justice Thomas spoke at Liberty University’s commencement ceremony in May 1996.

This press release was originally issued by the Liberty University School of Law on October 2, 2007.