Another Set of College Rankings

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

In our search for a set of college rankings more realistic than the ones U. S. News & World Report provides, we keep getting closer to reality.

Wallet Hub provides its own set of college rankings in which life after graduation is at least a significant factor rather than something—ala U. S. News, most other ranking systems and, for that matter, most accreditation agencies—to largely ignore. Wallet Hub grades schools on their Admission Rate, Net Cost, Student-Faculty Ratio, On-Campus Crime, Gender & Racial Diversity, Graduation Rate, and Post-Attendance Median Salary.

Yet and still, this tabulation produces some interesting distinctions. For example, Wallet Hub’s top 5 schools are MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Yale and the California Institute of Technology Yet only the first and last of these make the grade for highest return on educational investment.