Anti-Gun Rights Activist said America is Built on ‘Stolen Land’

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David Hogg, one of the lead activists for the anti-gun rights group ‘March for Our Lives,’ apparently expanded his political speeches to topics beyond gun control. This time, in a speech to students and attendees at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Hogg criticized America’s past, specifically their wars with Native Americans:

“Mass shootings have been happening for the last couple of centuries, ever since the advent of the gun. If we want to talk about mass shootings one of the first things we have to acknowledge is the battle of Wounded Knee, where over 100 Native Americans were slaughtered by the United States government…”

“We also have to acknowledge the fact that disproportionately Native Americans are underrepresented in our government and we also have to acknowledge how wrong it is that we call people illegal on stolen land.”