Anti-Semitism @ Rutgers

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Usually we come across anti-Semitism in the liberal arts. Apparently it’s spreading to the sciences.

“Rutgers University is disavowing one of its professors who was outed as an anti-Semite through posts he shared on social media,” Ian Miles Cheong writes in The Daily Caller. “On his Facebook page, professor Michael Chikindas shared a series of aggressively anti-Semitic posts from neo-Nazi websites that compared Jews to parasites and terrorists, among other things.”

“Rutgers calls the posts ‘antithetical to our university’s principles and values,’ acknowledging that while he has a right to free speech, the university is going to investigate whether the professor violated the school’s anti-discrimination policy. Chikindas’ posts first became public knowledge after they were first discovered and documented by Israellycool blog, and later posted to The Algemeiner on Tuesday.”

“In the posts, Chikindas, who teaches microbiology at Rutgers’ department of food science and is the director of the school’s Center for Digestive Health, promoted a variety of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.”