Anti-Trump Setback: Lehigh Won’t Rescind Honorary Degree

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Universities, ranging from San Diego State’s anti-Trump course to un-affiliated online “Resistance Schools” at Harvard and Cal-Berkeley, are attempting to find ways to purge their higher education institution of any possible ties to President Donald Trump, even if it is decades-old.

Faculty at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania voted overwhelmingly to ask the university’s board to rescind President Donald Trump’s honorary degree from the university. The president gave a commencement speech at the university back in 1988 and received the honorary degree at that time.

The vote passed with over 80% of Lehigh faculty approving of the petition to the administration. However, the university board declined to rescind the honorary degree. The board’s press release, read in part:

“In considering a petition regarding the honorary degree given 29 years ago to President Donald Trump, the Board of Trustees engaged in lengthy, full and robust discussions. The Board has concluded that no action will be taken.”