ASU Most Wanted

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— Students at Arizona State University (ASU)  posted “Wanted”
flyers on campus yesterday in an attempt to identify two female professors who
harassed and injured a female student recruiter at the Tempe campus. 


            But other members of the university community were not as
willing to help find the two women.


            “Within three hours someone had started taking down
the flyers,” said Emily Mitchell, the Leadership Institute recruiter who
was assaulted. 


            Members of the new, independent, student group, the
Caucasian American Men of ASU (CAMASU), posted and handed out the flyers on
Tuesday afternoon.  The flyers pictured the two unknown professors who
confronted Emily.


            This morning ASU Police told Emily that they received “some
complaints” about the flyers and requested that additional ones not be
posted.  And according to Laura Gill, an ASU police officer, the posters could
“interfere with the investigation.”


            Emily, a field representative for the Leadership
Institute’s Campus Leadership Program, has filed a police report but is
unable to press charges until she can identify her assailants. 


            Emily also went to the College of Fine Arts,
where the professors claimed to teach, and spoke with Dean
Kim.  Dean Kim said he did not recognize the pictures of the two faculty
members, but was appalled at their behavior. 


            The initial confrontation occurred on Friday, September 29
while Emily recruited for the CAMASU group.  The professors claimed Emily had
“a racist agenda” and called her “a sexist.”  One
professor became aggressive, attempted to steal Emily’s camera, and
scratched her, drawing blood. 


            Emily plans to press charges as soon as the assailant is


            To see images of the flyers click here:

Michelle Miller works with the Leadership Institute.