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Apparently the old adage about staying in school to avoid unwelcome job prospects works for presidents too. “Tonight’s speech President Obama is giving at University Wisconsin-Madison will mark the 47th time he has given a speech on a college campus since he was sworn in as President,” The Young Americas Foundation reported on September 28, 2010. “At this rate, he is speaking to college students once every 12 days.”

“This new research should reveal that the Left is constantly attempting to indoctrinate students on college campuses across the country. While the economic growth is nonexistent and youth unemployment is at record highs, President Obama finds college administrators and faculty are eager to do his bidding.”

“Young America’s Foundation’s research found that the most common subject of these speeches is the economy and jobs. More specifically, the president has used college campuses to tout his failed stimulus program and try to convince audiences that adding more debt to their names was worthwhile.”

“The second most common topic covered by the President was Obamacare.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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