Bailed-Out & Stimulated Universities

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Taxpayers may not have much reason to feel bailed out and stimulated but university officials do. “If Washington D.C. does put an end to earmarks, the University of Nebraska will have several reasons to be concerned,” analysts at the Platte Institute argue. “In fact, about 40 million reasons to be concerned.”

“That’s because ‘pork’ money from federal earmarks has been pouring into the University of Nebraska’s coffers over the last three years.” The Platte Institute is based in Nebraska.

“Information gathered by the Platte Institute shows the University of Nebraska system has received $40.6 million over the last three years.” Platte’s analysts conclude. “When you compare that to the amount universities in the Big 10 Conference, which UNL will be joining this summer, received over the same period, you can see how disproportionate UNL’s figure is:

“Federal Earmark Dollars from 2008-2010:

University of Nebraska – $40,666,000
University of Wisconsin – $28,327,000
University of Iowa – $15,926,000
Penn State University – $15,700,000
Michigan State University – $14,256,500
University of Indiana – $13,041,746
Ohio State University – $10,768,000
University of Michigan – $10,500,000
University of Minnesota – $10,207,000
University of Illinois – $9,694,000
Purdue University – $9,449,000
Northwestern University – $4,830,014

“Of the more than $40 million going to the University of Nebraska, U.S. Senator Ben Nelson played a role in acquiring all but roughly $900,000 of it.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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