Bay State Babylon

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Hello, my name is Sam Rudman. I had the misfortune of attending high school in Cambridge, MA. I just graduated from Buckingham Browne and Nichols, a prep school dedicated to the proposition that straight white males are the lone source of all evil. I have horror stories for days:

• Students are not allowed to speak about “Christmas break” at all school assemblies. It must be “winter break” to avoid offending non-Christians.

• Christmas wreathes were removed from the school for being too sectarian. The school only allows, and I quote, “Non-denominational seasonal greenery.”

• Gay students annually celebrate a day of silence during which they attend class, but do not speak, in recognition of the silencing which they have suffered at the hands of heterosexuals. The school supports the activity and does not require their participation.

The text for European history course had more writing about women in the renaissance than The 30 years war, and the 100 years war . . . COMBINED. Also, our “History” textbooks taught us the following:

• Truman dropped the bomb on Japan and not Germany because he was a racist.

• History took its course as Reagan was asleep at the wheel.