Bigotry at Brandeis?

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The Tea Party Movement apparently has profs at Brandeis University so upset that they decided to hold a seminar about the movement under the heading of New Right-Wing Radicalism, A Transatlantic Perspective complete with swastikas on posters promoting the event.

Never mind that Brandeis is a Jewish university, what really matters apparently is that the Tea Party is a threat to the liberal orthodoxy so prevalent at the school that Center for European and German Studies felt it necessary to link them to Neo-Nazis.

All the while the mainstream media has ignored this story while letting unsubstantiated allegations of racism and bigotry by tea partiers go unchallenged.

Exactly who are the racists and bigots again.

Thanks to Michael Graham  a radio talk show host in Boston for bringing this to my attention.  Click here to read Michael’s report on this complete with pictures.

Don Irvine is the chairman of both Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia. This column originally appeared on the AIM website.