Black Lives Matter: Beyond the Riots – AIA’s Author’s Night

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  1. sidearm45 .

    December 26, 2016 2:05 pm

    If you are trying to trace the roots as you claim look at the Occupy Wall Street Movement. That’s where this started and it was predicted to become exactly what it has. There are plenty of instances of police brutality in America. However, BLM has yet to take up the cause of any real ones. They prefer the high profile, media created hoaxes which serve to create division. The fact that Obama took up their cause is further evidence of George Soros influence on the Democratic party. Former Attorney General Eric Holder once said, “White people haven’t suffered enough.” So it is no surprise to see what is posing as a civil rights movement actually seeking black superiority and revenge. Until the public sees these people for what they are they will remain a threat. All lives matter. All people are equal. Despite what BLM claims, black lives are not more equal.

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