Breath O’ Fresh Air

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After making the rounds of conferences given by groups such as the Modern Language Association, this correspondent found the seniors’ theses of recent Thomas Aquinas College graduates a refreshing counterpoint.

They include:

  • “The Higher Men: How Ayn Rand’s Ideal Man Falls Short of Happiness”;
  • “Vive la Difference:  The Genius of Gender and the Natural Order”;
  • “Men and Women: Intellectually Complementary for the Sake of Wisdom”;
  • “Those Whom He Called Came Freely:  An Argument That the Doctrine of Predestination Does Not Contradict Man’s Free Will”;
  • “’Until Natural Death’:  A Philosophical Argument Against Euthanasia Based on the Relationship of the Common Good to the Private Good”; and my favorite
  • “A Heart for the Head: On the Obedience a Wife Owes to Her Husband.”

We wish the lads and lasses who came up with these topics all the luck in the world in all their endeavors.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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