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Psychologist Treat Thyself

It’s good for a professor to know his discipline but when one is a psychologist, it is probably not advisable to be familiar with it as a psychological subject.

“I have charged that the University of Pennsylvania is attempting to fire me because I have documented U. S. crimes of war in Yugoslavia, and because I have documented the Nazi origins of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization),” psychology professor Francisco Gil-White [pictured] wrote on his web site. “Some months ago, a copy of the secret documents used by the psychology department was delivered to my mailbox.”

“The letter above demonstrates, linking to the relevant documents, that the Psychology Department is indeed attempting to fire me because I have documented the scandals of the U. S. government and the PLO,” Gil-White explained. “It also demonstrates that the Psychology Department is doing this on orders from Pr. Ian Lustick, who does not teach in the psychology department, but who does work for U. S. Intelligence.”

One of the “scandals” Gil-White claims to have unearthed is the U. S. government engineering of the attacks of 9-11-2001. This theory even led Gil-White’s academic supervisors to wince.

At the Philadelphia university, Gil-White teaches the Psychology of Ethnicity and Biocultural Psychology. Dr. Lustick is a professor of political science there; his last federal employment was for one year with the U. S. State Department.

The Other Dr. Ruth

Move over Miss Cleo. The University of Utah Women’s Resource Center is offering students an in-house psychic named Melanie Ruth. While some students came to the certified palm reader hoping that she would direct them to the men and women of their dreams, other collegiates remained unimpressed. “I think she misinterpreted a dog bite scar as an emotional block,” Eric Steinman, a junior business major told The Daily Utah Chronicle.

“Palm reading is terribly difficult and terribly individual,” the palmist said. “That’s whey I don’t charge for them.”

The Lion Queen?

American University held its 12th annual lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference on the weekend before Valentines Day. Among the topics: “Sexual identity in ‘The Lion King 1.5’ and ‘A Shark’s Tale.’”


“I hate ipods,” Nathan Mintz writes in The Stanford Review. “For me, there is nothing more infuriating than seeing 60 percent of the student body walking around with the damn things locked in your ears.”

Have we overcome?

Although college and university officials have been pushing for diversity for decades, available evidence indicates that superficial policies, no matter how expensive and intrusive, begat unimpressive results. The author of Acting Black: College Identity and Performance of Race, Swarthmore sociologist Susannah Willie says, “One student from Northwestern mentioned that he had to question if his white professor lost his final exam on purpose, or why he lived in a dorm with the most blacks on campus.

Maybe he should move south. Last May, high school senior Jacqueline Duty could not attend her Kentucky high school prom, according to the Southern Legal Resource Center. School officials objected to the confederate flag motif on her dress and would not even allow her out of the car when she arrived at the prom site.