Canadian University Hosted ‘Masculinity Confession Booth’ for Men to Repent of ‘Hypermasculinity Sins’

, Spencer Irvine, 2 Comments

The University of Regina, or at least its students, felt that men should repent of their “hypermasculinity sins” by setting up a “masculinity confession booth.” Oh, Canada:

The University of Regina this week is hosting a Man Up Against Violence series of events that aim to redefine “what it means to man up,” according to organizers.

Among the events hosted at the Canadian institution is a “Masculinity Confession Booth.”

“We have all reinforced hypermasculinity one way or another regardless of our gender,” organizers state. “Come and share your sins so we can begin to discuss how to identify and change our ways!”


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  1. Duke Lipensky

    March 31, 2017 10:50 am

    Your kidding. Tomorrow is April Fools day—this has something to do with that???

  2. C.V. Compton Shaw

    April 1, 2017 9:26 pm

    Men’s Rights Activists taken as a given that American women, especially feminists, especially target men who exhibit the manly virtues for oppression and discrimination.
    Gary Cross, a Penn State University Historian, wonders: ” Where have all the men gone?” His book, “Men to Boys: The Making of Modern Immaturity”, argues that “the culture of the boy-men today is less a life stage than a lifestyle.” ” No wonder that Men of foreign countries routinely laugh at the effeminate nature of American Men who have been degraded out of fear, obedience, and the shame of being Men from our Women, who have made us feel guilty for just being men. Metrosexual Men have become de rigeur,and flagrant homosexuality and feminine behavior in heterosexual Men is welcome, nourished,safe, and politically correct in American society and in the eyes of the law. Manly behavior is not.”

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