Chicago Gay School Closeted

, Karen England, 1 Comment

A Chicago public school district will not be building a “gay” high school in their area next year. Chicago School District members were supposed to vote on the proposal for the school Wednesday, but proponents pulled their plan after Chicago Mayor Richard Daley expressed concerns about “segregating” gays in their own school.

Initially, the High School for Social Justice Pride Campus was designed to cater to the “needs of the underserved population of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning youth and their Allies (LGBTQA).” However, concerns about such a heavy emphasis on only homosexual students caused its creators to change the name of the school to the Social Justice Solidarity High School, where students would focus more on “city-wide concerns over violence, bullying and harassment.”

Due to the significant changes to the school’s original intent, proponents were divided about its direction, thus withdrawing their proposal before the school board’s vote. However, encouraged by the receptive school board, supporters have stated their commitment to presenting an “even stronger” plan next year in hopes the school will be ready by 2010. Even with schools catering exclusively to homosexual students, homosexual indoctrination is already taking place in many California schools. Last year’s SB 777 opened the doors for student exposure to controversial topics such as homosexuality.

Karen England is the executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute