Choosing Life & Losing Choice

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The University of North Carolina has concocted a compromise on its abortion coverage that illustrates why such gestures can leave pro-lifers compromised. “Starting this school year, University of North Carolina students will be required to purchase a private insurance plan or enroll in a campus plan that includes abortion coverage,” Christopher A. Guzman reported on “And while the UNC administration has agreed under pressure from pro-lifers to allow students on the 16 campuses in the UNC system to opt out of the abortion coverage aspect of the campus plan, students who do opt out will pay the same premiums as those who do not.”

“Students for Life of America (SLFA), a pro-life group with chapters at campuses throughout the United States, originally called attention to the abortion provision in the campus insurance plan. Under the plan, a benefit of up to $500 as well as 80 percent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) coverage is available for ‘Elective Abortion.’”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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