Chronicling Campus Abortion Coverage

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When the pro-choice crowd tries to prove how put upon they are, they only succeed in demonstrating their prevalence. “by imposing restrictions on abortion clinics, more and more state legislatures are trying to limit Roe V. Wade,” Heidi Landecker reports in The Chronicle of Higher Education on June 21, 2013. “Now a university medical center has aided that effort, raising questions about whether its actions are in the best interests of medical education and public health.”

“In April the University of Toledo Medical Center, after criticism from Ohio Right to Life, declined to renew a so-called transfer agreement with one abortion clinic and stopped arranging one with another.” Landecker’s story, entitled, “As States Limit Abortion, Future Doctors Fight for Training” runs 34 paragraphs and features not one quote from a pro-life source.

She quotes a plethora of sources on the other side including Jody Steinauer of the University of of California at San Francisco. Steinauer founded Medical Students for Choice 20 years ago. “A study published in 2009 by Dr. Steinauer and others found that a third of medical schools include no discussion of elective abortion in the first and second, or preclinical, years,” Landecker reports. That means that two-thirds do.

Moreover, we have discovered, that colleges and universities frequently give Planned Parenthood’s address to students as a resource—even Catholic ones.


Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.
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