Clemson Reverses Decision to Censor ‘Harambe’ Memes on Campus

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Censorship of free speech and a popular social media meme after the dead gorilla Harambe has been reversed at Clemson:

Clemson University backtracked on a policy preventing students from posting Harambe memes on the doors to their residence halls after one administrator said the memes “add to rape culture.”

On Friday, Graduate Community Director Brooks Artis confirmed that RAs had been contacted with instructions to order the removal of all exterior-facing Harambe references on residents’ doors and windows because the gorilla’s death had been used to “add to rape culture” and the subsequent posts were a “form of racism.”

“We are no longer allowing any reference to Harambe (or any other spelling) to be displayed on doors, halls, billboards, or windows,” the ukase states. “Harambe should not be displayed in a public place or a place that is viewed by the public.”

Photo by Jason A G