Climate Change Does Not =Wildfires

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

When academics do not jump on the bandwagon of favored academic theories, do not expect them to get much play in the media, or tenure at their universities, or, at least in previous administrations, grants from the federal government. “California Gov. Jerry Brown and former Vice President Al Gore lead the list of those blaming climate change for Southern California’s devastating wildfires, calling them ‘the new normal,’ but others insist the science just isn’t there,” Valerie Richardson writes in The Washington Times. “That includes climate scientists such as University of Washington meteorologist Cliff Mass, who moved to extinguish the ‘now normal’ narrative by arguing that the data ‘strongly suggests there is no credible evidence’ that global warming is fueling this fall’s California coastal wildfires, and that claims to the contrary are ‘baseless, if not outright wrong.'”

“‘The bottom line of all this is that observations and the best scientific reasoning do NOT suggest that global warming is enhancing CA coastal wildfires through effects on temperature and precipitation,’ Mr. Mass said Monday in a post on his weather and climate blog.” Watch your back Cliff.