College Knowledge Check List

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Longtime radio talk show host Dennis Prager has some advice for aspiring college students and/or their parents.

Before plunking down wads of cash for that life-changing campus experience, you might want to ask a few questions about prospective schools that include the following:

1. “Can one obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree at your college without having to read a single Shakespeare play, one Federalist paper or one book of the Bible?”

2. “Does the college allow military recruiters on its campus?”

3. “What is the ratio of Democrats to Republicans among the professors in the liberal arts departments?”

4. “What are the names of the speakers invited and paid with college funds to speak last year at the college?”

5. “Does the school have same-sex dorms and bathrooms?” This is not your parents’ campus, stressed Prager. Schools no longer function as your family away from home, and their living conditions are worth checking out.

6. “Is Howard Zinn’s A People History of the United States the most widely assigned American history book?” If so, run for the nearest exit, and consider another school.

For more info on this subject, visit Dennis Prager’s website.

Deborah Lambert writes the Squeaky Chalk column for Accuracy in Academia‘s monthly Campus Report newsletter.