Columbian Dynamite

, Ryan McCann, Leave a comment

I am a student at Columbia University, and I have a liberal bias problem. You see, at Columbia, they force a certain group of courses upon each student that make up the “Core Curriculum” so that one day down the road, when two Columbia Alumni meet at some tea party or social event, they can reminisce about their common learning experience.

Now, you may be thinking, that has the makings of a pretty noble ideal. But not when one of the required courses there teaches human-caused climate change as FACT!

Get this: the course is called Frontiers of Science, and every single freshman who walks through Columbia’s doors is now brainwashed with global warming nonsense only Al Gore could love. I actually started to get into an argument about the truth to global warming in class, but I was outnumbered by students and a teacher by about 20:1!

So, in reaction to this nonsense, I have created an online forum called TNT (Teach Nothing But Truth) where current and former students from around the country can go and post their experience with liberal bias in the American education system, not just about global warming, but about their biased treatment of the war in Iraq, the threat of terrorism, etc. My goal is to bring to light the extent to which our nation’s schools have been corrupted by liberals and are corrupting their students, our nation’s future.