Constitution Day Remembered

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One of our readers reports on their successful efforts to build a community event around the reading of the U. S. Constitution on September 18, 2010, a day many families blocked off in order to do just that in a national event organized by Let Freedom Ring!

“The event featured ordinary citizens enjoying a Pot-Luck dinner and reading of the Constitution,” Shak and Robin Hill report. “Each family received a lantern and copy of the Constitution.”

“There were fun Constitutional crossword puzzles and  quizzes for everyone. Over 75 folks participated, with many of them helping out with the actual reading.

President George Washington (as portrayed by James Manship) spoke on the Constitution and the importance that each of us understands this document as a contract between the states, and each citizen. The children led the group with a moving Pledge of Allegiance.”

“This event is our way of expressing our respect for the  importance of the nation’s founding charter and its  relevance today,” organizer Shak Hill said.  “This was not a political  event, but an American event. Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians

participated in the actual reading! The Constitution represents the contract  from the citizens to the government, not the government to the  citizens. America is great because the citizenry is stronger than the  government and it is the  Constitution that guarantees these  rights.”

“We need to read the Constitution and understand what it says. We can also have An American Day when citizens gather to learn together. I can’t wait for next year!”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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