Corps Cashes Out “Commie Cadet”

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

The West Point cadet who used his appointment to boost communism while in a U. S. uniform was dismissed by the Army. “The images Spenser Rapone posted on Twitter from his West Point graduation were intentionally shocking: In one, the cadet opens his dress uniform to expose a T-shirt with a blood-red image of socialist icon Che Guevara,” Mary Esch reported in an AP dispatch. “In another, he raises his fist and flips his cap to reveal the message: ‘Communism will win.'”

“Less than a year after Rapone’s images drew a firestorm of vitriol and even death threats, the second lieutenant who became known as the ‘commie cadet’ is officially out of the U.S. Army with an other-than-honorable discharge.
Top brass at Fort Drum accepted Rapone’s resignation Monday after an earlier reprimand for ‘conduct unbecoming of an officer.'”

“Rapone said an investigation found he went online to advocate for a socialist revolution and disparage high-ranking officers. Officially, the Army said in a statement only that it conducted a full investigation and ‘appropriate action was taken.'” The Daily Caller has already reported that the cost of this case came to about a quarter of a million dollars.