Descendants of Georgetown University Slaves want a Billion Dollar Fund

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

From the Daily Caller:

..Some descendants of the 272 slaves told The Washington Post the school’s recent announcements aren’t enough. They want more. Much more. A billion dollars more.

“We appreciate the gestures of a proposed memorial to our enslaved ancestors on Georgetown’s campus and President John DeGioia’s visits with some descendants, but recommendations developed without the meaningful participation of descendants can only be seen as preliminary,” descendant Sandra Green Thomas said in a Thursday statement.

Thomas and other descendants have a much bolder vision than just extracting an apology from Georgetown. They want to set up a billion-dollar, national foundation that would be a leader in “the issue of truth and reconciliation.”

Advocates say the foundation isn’t a matter of reparations, because the foundation would ideally benefit the whole country.