Discrimination At Central Connecticut State University

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Dissidents at state universities are becoming as hard to find as global warming but they are there. One who befriended us, Jay Bergman, an historian at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), recently examined the 823-page affirmative action plan at CCSU and found it wanting, to say the least.

“It pains me deeply that my university and hundreds of others around the country practice discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity and gender,” he writes in The Hartford Courant. “It pains me even more that my university and others disguise the discrimination they practice under the misleading euphemism of ‘affirmative action.'”

“And what may be most infuriating about the discrimination that occurs when some are given preference over others is that it makes nonsense of the publicly proclaimed commitment of many universities, as CCSU describes it, to ‘non-discrimination in education and employment.'”