Ed Appointee ACTed UP

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We continue to learn still more about the extremism of “safe schools” czar, Kevin Jennings. First, it was how he was “inspired” by Harry Hay–an early homosexual activist who openly defended pedophilia.

Now, pro-family activists in Massachusetts have publicized an online video in which Jennings’ homosexual partner, Jeff Davis, identifies Jennings as having been a member of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), a radical group that is highly controversial even among homosexual activists.

ACT UP is best known as the group which, on December 10, 1989, sent 4,500 protesters to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York to protest the church’s stance on homosexuality, condoms, and abortion. Some invaded the cathedral and disrupted the Mass, and one even desecrated the Host during communion. There were 111 arrests, and even many liberal leaders and pro-homosexual groups condemned the demonstration.

While those events were twenty years ago (and we do not know if Jennings was involved), it was only three months ago that Harvard University opened an exhibit titled “ACT UP New York: Activism, Art, and the AIDS Crisis, 1987-1993.” Among the key donors to the exhibit was–Kevin Jennings. To the long list of questions Jennings must answer, we can now add the question of both his role in and his viewpoint on the extremism of ACT UP.

Tony Perkins heads the Family Research Council. This article is excerpted from the Washington Update that he compiles for the FRC.