Educators Bemoan the Constitution

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Educators across the nation are reacting negatively to a U.S. Department of Education directive that mandates that all federally funded schools teach about the United States Constitution on September 17th, also known as Constitution Day.

Why are the educators so concerned? Well schools may have to interrupt their lesson plans according to Dan Fuller, director of federal programs for the National School Boards Association. Considering that it is May and the school year normally begins in September, I don’t see why teachers can’t insert a lesson on the Constitution. Fuller also said that “You may have to leap from the Civil War or Vietnam to the Constitution.” Once again, why can’t the teachers plan for this and make the lesson fit? Besides, the government isn’t telling the teachers what they have to teach about the document.

The real issue for educators is their fear that the government is dictating curriculum and what this could lead to. That fear is unfounded as the government has stayed away from trying to influence what is taught in our schools, which based on the current offerings is a shame.

So why hasn’t there been a loud protest from teachers unions and college and university presidents on this? It is because the person responsible for this law is Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV). Not exactly a right wing plot, now is it?

While the education establishment stews about all of this we should thank Senator Byrd for helping to educate our children about our country.

Don Irvine is the Chairman of Accuracy in Media.


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