Feminists Freak Out

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Despite the multitude of off-the-wall activities and “porn-filled sex weeks” that most of today’s college students regard with a yawn, it appears that some campus feminists take offense at situations that might not be worthy of a backward glance to others, according to College Fix Associate Editor Jennifer Kabbany.

Case in point: At Swarthmore University, a group of Phi Psi frat boys recently sent out a fall rush pledge flyer covered with half naked women, which sent the feministas into orbit, calling the move an example of “sexist, misogynistic gender discrimination.” The outraged group wasted no time in drafting a petition which slammed Phi Psi’s “objectifying and offensive invitations” of “gender discrimination,” and demanded a public rebuke, namely that Swarthmore should “defund” all fraternities.

When the Swarthmore Independent, the campus conservative paper, got wind of this move, their response was that “the real motivation behind the petition was a student referendum that passed by a slim majority last spring in support of admitting students of all genders to all fraternities and sororities on campus.”

Although the referendum was non-binding, the feminist lobby at Swarthmore has continued to push “fraternities to include at least 10 percent female membership,” and — “Oh by the way, those Phi Psi members are being forced to undergo a special training camp to learn what misogynistic pigs they are.”


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