Gender San Francisco Style

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A San Francisco area middle school recently cancelled a “gender-switch” day in response to complaints from parents.

A Catholic news agency report noted that “Adams Middle School in Brentwood encouraged students to cross-dress – boys wearing girls clothing, girls wearing boys’ clothing – on the last day of ‘Spirit Week.’”

According to the Pacific Justice Institute, parents were given little notice of the event, “and only found out after flyers were posted at the school.”

When parents notified the school that they would keep their children home if the event proceeded as described, the school cancelled it and removed the flyers. The principal, Adam Clark, told a Pacific Justice Institute attorney that “We want to encourage our children to be free thinkers, [but] we felt that the overall message wasn’t coming across clearly to some members of the community.”

Deborah Lambert writes the Squeaky Chalk column for Accuracy in Academia’s monthly Campus Report newsletter from which this feature is excerpted.