Gender Studies Departments Twelve Times More Likely to Invite Pro-Israel Boycott BDS Speakers

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AMCHA Initiative announced that in their recent study, they discovered that gender studies departments across the U.S. were more likely to invite anti-Israel, pro-Israel boycott-aligned speakers to their departments. The boycott-Israel movement is known as the BDS movement, or Boycott Divest and Sanction:

Gender Studies departments were 12 times more likely to sponsor anti-Israel BDS events if one or more faculty members supported BDS, the most of any field examined in a new study by the AMCHA Initiative, which fights antisemitism in higher education.

The more BDS supporters in a Gender Studies department, “the greater the likelihood of BDS-supporting speaker-events,” said the report, which detailed how BDS initiatives on college campuses create a culture of hostility toward Jewish students.