Go Forth & Multiply

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With the decline of basic math skills that they helped to bring about, about the only place that the political Left can multiply is on college campuses. We can see the multiplication process at work in graduation exercises as the political and media elite use their frequent flyer miles to reach students one more time before they leave the academic nest.

Indeed, a random selection of 33 colleges shows that one-third of the speakers chosen by these institutions of higher learning to inspire seniors are conservative, Republican or independent. The remainder of the lecturers were decidedly left-of-center.

Even that breakdown is a bit inflated because the former group includes such luminaries as Arizona Senator John McCain, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and former U. S. Representative Jim Leach, who were never favorites of conservatives:

Va. Tech—Gov. Bob McDonnell

Hillsdale—Ed Meese

Liberty—Glenn Beck

Ave Maria—Jeb Bush

University of Southern Mississippi—Rudy Giuliani

Beloit College—David Axelrod

St. Norbert—Gwen Ifill

Smith College—Rachel Maddow

American University—Janet Napolitano

University of North Dakota—Janet Napolitano

Agnes Scott College—Madeleine Albright

Case Western—Katie Couric

Yale—Bill Clinton

West Virginia University—Bill Clinton

West Point—Barack Obama

Michigan—Barack Obama

Hampton University—Barack Obama

Harvard—David Souter

NYU—Alex Baldwin

Tulane—Anderson Cooper

Notre Dame—Brian Williams

Stanford—Susan Rice

Cornell—Nancy Pelosi

Foothill College—Arne Duncan

Northwestern—Christine Amanpour

University of Tennessee at Knoxville—Al Gore

Texas A & M—General David Petraeus

Westminster College—Jim Leach

University of Maryland—Victoria Reggie Kennedy (widow of Ted)

Emory—Arnold Schwarzenegger

George Washington University—Michelle Obama

Ohio Wesleyan—John McCain

Teachers College at Columbia University—Jill Biden and Spike Lee

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.


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