Homeschool Bill of Rights

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The following organizations, California Homeschool
Network, Christian Home Educators Association of California, Private and Home
Educators of California and HomeSchool Association of California, represent the
major California-based organizations working on a statewide basis to support
private homeschooling. They, together with the Home School Legal Defense
Association, which also works in California to support private homeschooling and
which has members in California, jointly issue the following statement:

1. We are united in the goal of protecting the right of parents to teach
their children privately at home without additional governmental interference.

2. We believe that children deserve to learn in the environment that
best meets their individual needs. We support the right of parents to direct
their children’s education including, if they desire, teaching their children
privately at home apart from any public school program and without a teaching

3. We believe that the opinion rendered by the Second
District Court of Appeals in the case titled “In re Rachel L.” on February 28,
2008 is excessively broad in its scope and incorrectly states the law as applied
to home education in California.

4. We believe that the interpretation
of California law, as understood by our organizations and by the California
Department of Education prior to the issuance of this decision, is correct, that
the interests of both the State of California in ensuring that children are
educated adequately and of parents in directing their children’s education are
well met by this prior interpretation of law, and that no change in California
law regarding the teaching of children privately at home is needed.