Indigenous Speaker At Fort Lewis College

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

The Colorado college reached into it’s alumni ranks to host a speaker on “Indigenous People’s Day” who would excoriate the man the government named a holiday after: Christopher Columbus. “Written historical records confirm [that] Columbus Day recalls the initial slaughter of over 70,000 native Taino on the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola,” Ken Walker told the IPD crowd in a video obtained by Campus Reform and on display in an article by Katelyn Anderson. “Vicious attack dogs and grotesque tortures were used.”

“Sex slavery and rape were common. Research reports the annihilation of 8 million Taino within 21 years, from the carnage, disease, and disruption.” Of course, he doesn’t say what research.

Columbus buffs might not recognize his name. He is, after all, a graduate student, but obviously what he lacked in renown, he made up for in availability.